foggy foggy morn

Foggy morning out there but it is supposed to clear in a bit, and I am crossing my fingers for a good drying day, as I started the heavy/dark load last night and it is waiting. Looking at the forecast, I *may* gamble, if needed, with leaving it out overnight, as tomorrow is supposed to be totally sunny before a week of partly to mostly overcast and a bit of snow. Like I said earlier, though, the highs are well above freezing in the 10 day forecast, so I expect melt. Who knows, Artie might see the driveway this week. I seriously have mixed feelings about that. He makes a more solid-feeling barrier between this witch's hut and the wide, wide world than just the electric fence does. And I LIKE having the barrier and the 200' "moat" of snow out there. Those who have wanted to be here, have come...and not just friends who are "fit as a fiddle" either. But regardless, it's going to be a busy day today, as I need to somewhat measure and patty up the sausage, draw and paint and I had planned -- long ago -- that the first time I was up before K left for his early morning Monday that i was going to take the oven cleaner to the top of the stove (the only part that did NOT get a thorough cleaning the last time I attacked that appliance). And so I shall. I am seeing snow, still up to the seats on the picnic table out back, so I probably *should* put on snow shoes to hang the wash. I may or may not... but if I do, I will also plan to hoof it over to the small witch hazel bush to see how it is doing. It looked, earlier in the winter, like it might bloom this year. I also need to check in on the hazelnut trees. 


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